Our company background and service approach

InoShip is a marine engineering and consulting company, that specializes in marine engineering, IHM/Hazmat services, Ballast Water testing, independent inspections and other selected services.

The company was found by marine professionals in 2020, setting the goal to became a number one choice for Maritime, Aquaculture and Energy Industries in selected fields of expertise in North Europe.

To succeed on our goals, we continously building our competences and apply our best professional knowledge and expertise in the porjects we are involved.

We will apply our inovative and goal focused aproach in order to deliver high quality, cost effective services and solutions for your compliance and efficient operations. By continuous improvment, we will aim to stay at fore front of the developments in the marked in order to provide up to solutions.


Our experts are committed to deliver to their upmost to meet clients expectations

Global Insight

We bring broad perspective and global  approach in all what we do


Our business is built on strong partnerships, trust and dedication

Continuous Innovation

To reach our common goals, we have to innovate to deliver to continuously increasing expectations


Our vision, policies and key differentiators

  • We aim to be a number one choice for selected services in North Europe.
  • To deliver cost effective solutions and services to selected shipping segments;
  • To meet and exceed the expectations of customers through service delivery.
  • We follow our internal procedure and external governing documents, such as Rules or RO’s and applicable standards etc.;
  • We deliver according to customer expectations, industry and regulatory requirements;
  • We ensure continuous improvement, without compromising quality and integrity.
  • To achieve our strategy and quality policy, we will aim to use the best fit resources for our service delivery.
  • Safety of our staff as well as surrounding personnel is one of our most important priorities. By applying good planning, risk based management approach and relevant training, we will ensure our staff will have a minimum exposure to risks related to safety. During service delivery, we aim for minimal impact to the environment.


Our core principles

Industry knowledge

Our staff has several decades of experience in the shipping industry at various levels, such as Classification, shipboard operations, NB supervision, naval engineering etc

Customer focus

With the quality in mind, we aim to meet and exceed our customer expectations by setting and following agreed scope and taking an extra mile when possible.

Cost effective execution

Understanding our customer perspective, we always aim for cost effective solutions, offer competitive pricing and strive for efficiency in what we do

Continuous improvement

We boost our knowledge and experience by continuous learning. We bring our in-service experience back to QMS to ensure continuous improvement.

Cost effective ship life cycle management solutions for your efficient operations